Eye of Providence & Protection 1.0 Studs - Gold

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The image of an eye has long been a symbol of providence and protection, and in these particular stud earrings, surrounded with glorious rays of light, it has been designed to serve the wearer with a shield from negativity as well as the idea of divine intervention. Ultimately, they serve as a talisman to help bring good and stop bad from reaching the wearer all in a strikingly beautiful, yet simple pair of stud earrings.

  • stud diameter: 1.0cm x2
  • sterling silver & premium 18ct yellow gold plating
  • available in silver, satin finished silver, gold, satin finished gold, rose gold & satin finished rose gold, (to customise your combination of colours, simply order this necklace, but add the colours you are after in the Delivery Notes section of your order. Please include chain colour, and colour of each pendant. Feel free to email us with any customisation queries at
  • gently polish using a suitable jewellery polishing cloth when cleaning is required
  • packaged beautifully in a deluxe pouch

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