About Our Saint Range

Tesori Saints are handmade for you in Melbourne, with options for everyone...ladies, men and children!

The original range is offerered in a huge range of colours, and has now been extended to include a range of Swarovski contemporary options, featuring beautiful bright neons, and classic but contemporary hues of turquoise and peachy corals.

Saints are assigned qualities or causes of which they are the “Patron Saint”. People pray to the Saints about these qualities.

Patron Saint medals are often selected by people who have some relation to the quality that the Saint is associated with. Many treat them as talismans of protection, wearing them as a sign of faith and hope, to guard the wearer from harm, and to invite positive forces and blessings into their life.

All the best in achieving the blessing and quality of life that you hope for while wearing a Tesori Saint.

Please share your personal story with us of how your tesori saints piece brought you a blesing at


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